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Steam Cleaners

Using a steam cleaner, you can Instantly clean and dry surfaces; saving costly time without leaving any unhygienic residue

  • Improved bactericidal efficacy; proven effective even against SuperBugs (like MRSA)
  • Environmentally friendly; reduced chemical usage and low water usage
  • User friendly; easy to use, ergonomically healthy and lowering cleaning associated risks
  • Cost saving; savings on time, water usage and chemical usage

The steam cleaners we stock are supplied by osprey deepclean. Click here to visit their site.

Below is a small selection of the steam cleaners that we can offer. For details about our full range contact us on (office) 01964 562482 or (workshop) 01964 563521

or email us at info@perryequipment.co.uk

Steam & Vacuum

Steam & Vacuum

Steam and vacuum steam cleaners are designed for multi-purpose cleaning and disinfection, ideal for use in areas that chemicals are not permitted.

Steam, Detergent & Vacuum

Steam, Detergent & Vacuum

Steam, vacuum and detergent steam cleaners are the ideal choice for multi-purpose cleaning and disinfection.

Supplied by

  • Nilfisk Alto

Featured Products


SDV8000 Steam Cleaner

Stainless steel frame and cabinet. Continous fill boiler. Steam control switch. Automatic safety shut off. Clear pressure display. Locking front castors. Simple operator controls. Wet pick up recovery. Detergent delivery. 
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