Nilfisk SCRUBTEC R 253 B Combi

Increase the productivity of your indoor cleaning thanks to a working speed up to 6km/h. The SCRUBTEC R 253 is our first ride-on machine in the micro scrubber dryer category. This range is available at the same price level as an ordinary walk-behind model, with the productivity and comfort of a ride-on.

The SCRUBTEC R 253 is ideal for light and medium cleaning of large indoor areas such as warehouses, small industries, and automotive facilities. Users will find it easy to drive and control, and thanks to its large water tanks the machine goes the distance with limited need for empty/refill. The SCRUBTEC R 253 can clean up to 120 minutes on one tank thanks to the new solution flow, automatically controlled by the speed of the machine. This feature helps to reduce consumption and cost at the same time. The SCRUBTEC R 253 will run for up to 3.5 hours before the high-capacity batteries must be replaced or recharged.

  • 53 cm wide disc brush system
  • Three different water/detergent solutions settings for optimal cleaning
  • Flow of water/detergent automatically adjusts to speed of machine
  • One-touch button to lower/raise brush deck and activate brush rotation
  • Speed control in turns
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Dashboard with digital display placed in the steering wheel
  • Intuitive icon buttons for vacuum, brush rotation and water/detergent flow
  • Fast installation and removal of squeegee blades
  • Maintenance is easily done without the use of any tools

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