Scrubtec 337

Clear recovery lid,
No tool squeegee blade change,
No tool brush removal,
Low noise level,
Ergonomic, adjustable and
foldable handle,
Strong handle lock,
Extremely compact,
Easy cleaning, refilling and emptying of the removable solution/recovery tank,
Easy transport and storage,
Large carrying handle on tanks,
Battery powered and ideal for hard to reach areas,
Two tank system

Battery powered and ideal for small areas

The SCRUBTEC 337 battery operated scrubber dryer represents a unique combination of compact design, cleaning performance and drying efficiency.

Despite the small profile, the cleaning power is excellent. SCRUBTEC 337 is ideal for light to medium cleaning of hard floors.

Equipped with battery, on-board charger, brushes and oil-resistant polyurethane squeegee blades as standard, the unique squeegee design ensure perfect water pick-up.

The SCRUBTEC 337 is not just another small scrubber dryer. It represents radical new thinking, and the kind of innovation only possible from an industry leader. The unique rotating deck concept, for example, integrates the squeegee into the deck itself.

This enables scrubbing and drying in all directions - either forward or backwards, with the water kept inside the brush deck while working. Furthermore, the superb compact design and excellent manoeuvrability allows access to hard-to-reach areas that other machines can’t clean.

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