Pressure washer thefts are on the increase, so it is important to make sure you buy one from a reputable source, rather than online auction sites, such as eBay.

By purchasing a pressure washer from a bona fide business, such as Perry Equipment, you can be sure it is brand new and has not been stolen to be sold on to unsuspecting customers.

Although it may seem like an industrial pressure washer is not an easy item of equipment to pinch, many thieves work in teams and can load up their vans in a matter of seconds.

These thefts of pressure washers are particularly prevalent in rural areas, so we suggest that you store your pressure washer in a secure, locked building, and do not leave it in sight of potential burglars.

Many pressure washers are also being taken from hardware and electrical shops so, even if the one you are thinking about buying looks new, it could still be stolen property.

We get all our pressure washers direct from our suppliers at Ehrle and Nilfisk Alto, so you can be sure that buying from us is not funding criminals.

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