Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners

Powerful and simple Wet&Dry vacuum cleaners - economical to both buy and use.

  • Maxxi WD 7-4 Duo Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

    Maxxi WD 7-4 Duo - Commercial

    Economical to buy and operate. WD 7 models have 75 litre containers. WD 7 models include a built in drain hose. Choose 1 or 2 motor performance on DUO models. Includes a washable cloth filt...

  • Aero 25-21

    Aero 25-21 - Industrial

    Push&Clean semi automatic filter cleaning means it takes only seconds to clean your filter, ensuring continued high performance. 1300 or 1400 watt motor will pick up even heavy debris. Two ...

  • Attix 30

    Attix 30-01 PC - Industrial

    Compact, ergonomic and powerful. Push&Clean filter cleaning system takes care of filter cleaning tasks in just a few seconds. XtremeClean fully automatic filtercleaning (on XC Model) will k...

  • Attix 50

    Attix 50-01 PC - Industrial

    Compact, ergonomic, and powerful. Push&Clean filter cleaning system takes care of filter cleaning tasks in just a few seconds. XtremeClean fully Automatic filtercleaning (on 50-XC Model) wi...

  • Attix 7

    Attix 751-11 - Industrial

    Industrial specifications, robust construction, and powerful... the definition of ATTIX 7. XtremeClean. Fully automatic filter cleaning system (on many models) takes care of filter cleaning tasks in ...

  • Attix 961-01

    Attix 961-01 - Industrial

    Two motor industrial performance. Washable PET Fleece, big surface filter for high efficiency and low maintenance costs. Push & Clean filter cleaning system for high efficiency. Stainless...

  • Attix 115-01

    Attix 115-01 - Industrial

    3 independent "by-pass" motors, L or M Class filter, Strong & reliable, Easy maneauvebilty, 100 L SitDown container with castors & handle, Manual Filter shaker as standa...

  • IMG 0912.JPG

    3 Nilfisk Air Driven Vacuum

    Ex demo Nilfisk A15 air driven vacuum c/w hose and tools £595 + VAT

  • IMG 0912.JPG

    5 Ex Demo Nilfisk VHS 120 Vacuum 240v

    Ex demo Nilfisk VHS120 vac 240v c/w hose and tools very good condition £995 + VAT

  • Nilfisk 118 vacuum cleaner

    Nilfisk 118

    The Nilfisk 118 single phase, industrial vacuum is small and light, meeting all the different cleaning needs where absolute filtration is a must. While the 118 model is one of the smalles...

  • Nilfisk GM 80P vacuum cleaner

    Nilfisk GM 80P

    The Nilfisk GM 80P dry vacuum cleaner is the symbol of Nilfisk quality. Lightweight, versatile and portable, it provides high durability, high performance and the most efficient cleaning making it the...

  • Nilfisk S2 dry vacuum cleaner

    Nilfisk S2

    The Nilfisk S2 model is the first digital and fully modular 2kW industrial vacuum. Its strength comes from its 2 bypass motors. Equipped with a control panel and electronic board that supply&n...

  • Nilfisk S2B-S3B vacuum cleaner

    Nilfisk S2B-S3B

    Reliability, power and simplicity. The Nilfisk S2B-S3B vacuum cleaner is designed perfectly for the mechanical sector. The Nilfisk S2B model and the Nilfisk S3B model are designed to collect wet an...

  • Nilfisk S3 Vacuum Cleaner

    Nilfisk S3

    The Nilfisk S3 vacuum cleaner provides easier working from today. Equipped with 3 bypass motors, the Nilfisk S3 model is easy to use, reliable and ergonomic for the food and pharmaceutical ind...

  • Nilfisk VHS 40 vacuum cleaner

    Nilfisk VHS 40

    An innovative filtration system, improved performance, and robust design make the Nilfisk VHS 40 vacuum cleaner series a superior cleaning solution.  The Nilfisk VHS 40 sets a new standard for...

  • Nilfisk VHS120 Vacuum Cleaner

    Nilfisk VHS120

    The Nilfisk VHS120 compact, mobile, single phase vacuum cleaner is the most compact and powerful of its kind. Where there is necessity for high performance cleaning in compact dimensions ...

  • VHS120 All-In-One #Bakery

    VHS120 All-In-One #Bakery

    The Nilfisk #Bakery vacuum cleaner is as efficient as is simple. It provides a perfectly balanced combination for your application; one specific model built according to each of the main speci...

  • Nilfisk VHS120 All-In-One #General Cleaning

    Nilfisk VHS120 All-In-One #General Cleaning

    The Nilfisk VHS120 #General Cleaning vacuum cleaner achieves excellent balance between efficiency, compactness and price. It is a powerfully versatile, industrial machine built into a tiny, compact...

  • Nilfisk VHS120 All-In-One #Metal - Chips vacuum cleaner

    VHS120 All-In-One #Metal - Chips

    The Nilfisk VHS120 #Metal - Chips vacuum cleaner is an ergonomic, easy to use modular machine that is ideal for cleaning machine tools and floors. This particular #Metal - Chips configuration comes...

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