Scrubber Dryers

With a choice of walk-behind and ride-on scrubber dryers we will have a unit that is suitable for your needs.  All of our units are simple to use, highly efficient and extremely durable.  What's more they're much faster than mopping the floor by hand!

  • IMG 0917.JPG

    4 Ex Demo Nilfisk BR652 Ride On Scrubber Drier

    Ex demo Nilfisk BR652 ride on scrubber drier c/w batteries and on board charger x2 sets of brushes in good condition normally list price £16,000 ex demo price £5995 + VAT

  • i-mop XL

    I-Mop XL

    The I-Mop XL is a first of its kind to solve problems of floor cleaning systems by combining the flexibility of a floor mop with the power and speed of industrial scrubber dryers. Combining th...

  • i-mop XXL

    i-mop XXL

    Sometimes bigger can be better, and with the i-mop XXL scrubber dryer it definitely is. Where powerful innovation meets flexible, stylish design, the new i-mop XXL is a re-engineered powerhouse tha...

  • Gmatic Rotan 145 BTX 85 Scrubber Dryer

    Gmatic Rotan 145 BTX 85 Scrubber Dryer

    The Gmatic Rotan range of ride-on scrubber dryers provide the ultimate choice for high productivity, hygiene-critical, large area floor cleaning operations. The Gmatic Rotan 145 BTX 85 Scrubbe...

  • Viper AS 380/15

    Viper AS 380/15

    The small, compact Viper AS 380/15 is a user-friendly micro scrubber dryer perfect for cleaning floors in narrow areas. Its ergonomic frame is fitted with foldable handles on the side of the w...

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    Viper AS430C

    You will find the Viper AS430C ideally suitable for daily indoor cleaning in middle sized areas of hotels, restaurants, schools, shopping malls and other retail outlets, as well as hospitals and ...

  • Viper AS5160 scrubber dryer

    Viper AS5160 / AS5160T / AS5160TO

    The Viper AS5160 scrubber dryer models are ergonomically designed to deliver continuous high-performance cleaning. With high battery endurance and big tank capacity to allow cleaning for hours, it ...

  • Viper AS530R

    Viper AS530R

    The mini ride-on Viper AS530R scrubber dryer is designed for large areas, and is the first mini ride-on scrubber dryer in the user-friendly Viper series. Known for providing high cleaning efficienc...

  • Viper AS710R / Viper AS850R

    Viper AS710R / AS850R

    The Viper AS710R/AS850R are medium-sized ride-on scrubber dryers and make for the perfect solution for scrubbing and drying in heavy-traffic areas.  These scrubber dryers are the ide...

  • Nilfisk SC100 Scrubber Dryer

    Nilfisk SC100 E UK

    The Nilfisk SC100 is a small scrubber dryer for in-depth cleaning of narrow areas. Compared to the manual solution of mop and bucket, this compact upright machine will get the job done much faster off...

  • Nilfisk SC250

    Nilfisk SC250

    The Nilfisk SC250 is a compact scrubber dryer for the fast and effective cleaning of hard floors, which will transform the way you clean every corner, shelf and underneath of furniture and ensure...

  • Nilfisk SC351

    Nilfisk SC351

    The Nilfisk SC351 is the next generation in daily small area scrubbing and drying. Offering flexibility with both forward and backward scrubbing and drying, its not difficult to see how user-friend...

  • Nilfisk SC400

    Nilfisk SC400

    The Nilfisk SC400 scrubber dryer stuns users with all the cleaning capacity and flexibility of a large scrubber dryer combined and compacted into a small handy machine. Its efficiency and outstandi...

  • Nilfisk SC401

    Nilfisk SC401

    Compact and highly manoeuvrable, the walk-behind Nilfisk SC401 scrubber dryer redefines the speed, accuracy and functionality you need for cleaning floors. The Nilfisk SC401 has been built with pro...

  • Nilfisk BA551DGG CA611

    Nilfisk BA/CA 551/611

    The Nilfisk BA/CA 551/611 walk-behind scrubber dryer prioritises the fundamentals of floor cleaning efficiency with more productivity, more running time, more ergonomic features, more reliability...

  • Nilfosk SC430

    Nilfisk SC430

    The walk-behind Nilfisk SC430 scrubber dryer is everything you need in a cleaning machine. Its user-friendly design makes the Nilfisk SC430 the perfect choice for simple and reliable cleaning of in...

  • Nilfisk SC450

    Nilfisk SC450

    This walk-behind, medium sized Nilfisk SC450 scrubber dryer powerfully combines performance, reliability, productivity and ease of use in an ergonomic, cost efficient and all round machine. In with...

  • Nilfisk SC500

    Nilfisk SC500

    Improving your productivity and driving down your total cleaning costs, the medium sized, walk-behind Nilfisk SC500 scrubber dryer a reliable choice. Cleaning companies will find the ease-of-use an...

  • Nilfisk SC530 scrubber dryer

    Nilfisk SC530

    The walk-behind, medium sized Nilfisk SC530 scrubber dryer is a simple, trustworthy and cost-effective machine to reduce time spent cleaning. As the Nilfisk SC530 model can cover big areas, it...

  • Nilfisk BA751 GA scrubber dryer

    Nilfisk BA651/751/851

    Never before has there been such an outstanding combination of modern ergonomic design, high performance and stunning traction in a walk-behind scrubber dryer. Built with the most advanced ergonomi...

  • Nilfisk SC800 PC scrubber dryer

    Nilfisk SC800

    Maximum performance, easy handling, low maintenance, superb cleaning results... and it's an all eco-friendly solution! The Nilfisk SC800 is designed to impress. This SC800 walk-behind scru...

  • AS510.PNG

    Viper AS510B

    You will find the Viper AS510B ideally suitable for daily indoor cleaning in middle sized areas of hotels, restaurants, schools, shopping malls and other retail outlets, as well as hospitals, met...

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