Pressure Washers

We offer a range of pressure washers supplied by Ehrle and Nilfist Alto.  Whether you're looking for hot or cold water washers, static or mobile units or simply need a pressure washer to use at home, we're bound to have just what you need.  

  • Mobile Cold Water Pressure Washers

    Mobile Cold Water Pressure Washers

    Mobile cold water pressure washers with high performance, unbeatable ergonomics and low noise levels.

  • Mobile Hot Water Pressure Washers

    Mobile Hot Water Pressure Washers

    Our mobile hot water pressure washers feature robustness . durability and high cleaning efficiency.

  • Static Hot Water High Pressure Cleaners

    Static Hot Water High Pressure Cleaners

    Hotwater High Pressure Cleaner Stationary
    Powder-coated cabinet

  • Non Electric Pressure Washers

    Non Electric Pressure Washers

    Heavy-duty petrol and diesel driven hot water high pressure washers. Compact design, high performance and productivity - a simple and efficient cleaning tool.

  • Stationary Pressure Washers

    Stationary Pressure Washers

    Stationary cold and hot water pressure washers for many different applications with a possibility of customisation, using factory-mounted options.

  • Self Service Pressure Washers

    Self Service Pressure Washers

    Petrol / Diesel driven high pressure washers for tough use where you have no mains power.

  • SmartWash


    EHRLE SmartWash Plus System Single-bay SelfService Carwash
    MicroPowder Dosing System
    Integrated Water-Softener
    Revers Osmotic System
    Boom 3,25 m hight with Hose guiding, High-Pressure Hose and LED-illumination

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