Small may not always be better, but when it comes to scrubber dryers we find that a compact model, such as the Scrubtec 337, is ideal for small to medium businesses.

Manoeuvrability is key for cleaning floor spaces such as car showrooms and small shops, where there could be many objects in the way for larger scrubber dryers.

The Scrubtec 337’s rotating deck, adjustable water flow and integrated squeegee mean this is one of the most effective scrubber dryers around.

And it is easy to use too, with its components being easily accessible and maintenance at a minimum.

The Scrubtec 337 scrubs and dries in all directions, forwards and backwards, and keeps the water inside while being used. Its roller bumpers also allow effective near to wall cleaning.

Scrubber dryers can be noisy, but this model has a very low noise level, meaning it can be used during the day and in noise-sensitive areas, without causing any problems.

Its foldable, adjustable handle means it is is easy to carry and put away, without taking up too much space.

And it has an onboard battery charger, as standard, so it is always ready to go when you are.

Increased productivity in a compact design - the Scrubtec 337 will get the job done.

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