Gmatic Rotan 145 BTX 85 Scrubber Dryer

The Gmatic Rotan range of ride-on scrubber dryers provide the ultimate choice for high productivity, hygiene-critical, large area floor cleaning operations.

The Gmatic Rotan 145 BTX 85 Scrubber Dryer offers strength, power, durability and long life expectancy, so its outstanding cleaning results are down to the hand-built, high standards of its German engineering.

This powerful scrubber dryer uses the latest XFC battery technology, making it ideal for multi-shift applications and ensuring users of long run times and fast recharge cycles. Exceptional productivity rates make for the ideal cleaning solution for large floor areas commonly found in airports, stations and shopping centres.

Its stainless steel construction means the Gmatic Rotan 145 BTX 85 meets the hygiene needs of those working in food manufacturing and healthcare industries, being able to withstand the rigours of more demanding situations you may find in distribution warehouses and large engineering plants.

This powerful machine has running times of up to 10 hours 45 minutes on a single charge, cleaning widths from 850mm to 1250mm, and solution capabilities of 136 to 239 litres, demonstrating how easily the Gmatic Rotan 145 BTX 85 ride-on scrubber dryer can clean up to 38,100m² before recharging is necessary.

Package includes batteries and charger.

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