Viper AS710R / AS850R

The Viper AS710R/AS850R are medium-sized ride-on scrubber dryers and make for the perfect solution for scrubbing and drying in heavy-traffic areas. 

These scrubber dryers are the ideal machine for cleaning every type of floor such as tiled floor, vinyl floor, sealed wood floor, marble, concrete etc. This makes the Viper AS710R/AS850R the easiest and most compact cleaner for daily indoor cleaning of mid-sized areas of railway stations, parking areas, shopping centres, schools, hotels, and other environments larger than 5000m².

The Viper AS710R/AS850R's modern styling goes hand in hand with how compact, robust and easy to use they are. As standard, the machines are delivered with the following accessories: brush x 2, pad holder x 2, squeegee. A front bumper and warning lamp is optional for the machine.

Both the Viper AS710R and AS850R scrubber dryers' intuitive dashboard, one touch button and user-friendly menu for operation settings make it a simple and easy to operate machine. They are robust and powerful, using mechanical methods of lifting or lowering the brush or squeegee, and the optional front bumper protects the machine for longer life-time.

With automatic reduce speed control, an ergonomic seat fitted with a safety switch, and a built-in squeegee hanging system on the recovery tank for easy machine transfer when operating in narrow areas, the Viper AS710R and AS850R are reliable and safe scrubber dryers.

Features include:

  • Storage for cell-phone or other gadgets
  • USB port to provide a fast solution for charging your cell-phone
  • An integrated on-board charger enabling easy plug-in and battery charge at any outlet
  • Large opening to the recovery tank to allow easy cleaning

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