Nilfisk SC100

Years of industry leading experience has taught us how to produce scrubber dryers that ensure effective cleaning with high productivity, and the Nilfisk SC100 lives up to its well-renowned expectations.

The Nilfisk SC100 is a small scrubber dryer ideal for in-depth cleaning of narrow areas. Compared to the manual solution of mop and bucket, this compact upright machine offers the maximum lifespan, low maintenance and service costs and extreme ease of use to get the job done. 

This Nilfisk model can do what others cannot; its low deck profile and offset allow the user to clean difficult to reach areas for real floor cleaning.

It is the value-for-money choice for small shops, schools, restaurants, coffee shops, petrol stations, bakeries, fast food chains, cleaning companies and in-home cleaning.

Suction squeegees are located both before and after the Nilfisk SC100's brush, so it can be used both forwards and backwards to get the job done much more efficiently. Washing, scrubbing and drying are done in one pass so the area is ready to use immediately after cleaning, providing a superior cleaning performance.

Offering east, fast and productive cleaning, a safe and hygienic environment and a reduced total cost to clean an area, the Nilfisk SC100 scrubber dryer is the ultimate flexible cleaning solution. 

It can scrub and dry in one single pass giving fast access to the cleaned area, has two solution flow settings for efficient cleaning and red LED light indicator alarms when out of solution, an ergonomic handle for comfortable one or two handed operation and it is easy to carry and to transport from one place to another – only weighing 12 kg!

The Nilfisk SC100 gives the user flexibility in cleaning with the eco flow setting for light cleaning and double flow for spot or hard clearing. Its robust aluminium frame design guarantees high reliability and a long life time. All machine functions stop in an upright position, so no brush or squeegee is left on the floor and no solution spill out when the machine is not in use. Simply use the detergent dosing cap on the solution tank to always have the right percentage of detergent.

This scrubber dryer only uses clean solution so no dirt and bacteria is spread everywhere on the floor during the cleaning process. Its flat recovery tank design and full access makes it fast and easy to clean 100% of the recovery tank from any dirt.

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