Nilfisk SC400

The Nilfisk SC400 scrubber dryer stuns users with all the cleaning capacity and flexibility of a large scrubber dryer combined and compacted into a small handy machine.

Its efficiency and outstanding ergonomics make it easy to operate for daily indoor scrubbing and drying in light to medium areas. You will find the Nilfisk SC400 ideally suited in workplaces such as schools, institutions, hotels, smaller supermarkets and other retail outlets where its impressive manoeuvrability makes it easier to clean closer to walls and other obstructions. 

As with all Nilfish scrubber dryers, the SC400 is build with you in mind. It has an innovative handle equipped with a practical LED display showing battery and water level, electronic flow control buttons, a safety switch and an on/off lever to give you complete control when the Nilfisk SC400 is in use. 

To make the daily job even more comfortable for the user, the squeegee system has been redesigned with a foot pedal lifting system instead of squeegee cables.

Simple, intuitive controls reduce fatigue and require minimum training, meaning cleaning can be carried out more efficiently than other machines and essentially saving you time and money.

Key features:

  • 43 cm scrub deck and 21 liters tank
  • Practical adjustable handle with LED display shows your battery level and water flow setting. And with all working functions integrated
  • Electronic water flow control and safety switch
  • Squeegee with foot operated lifting system
  • Easy deck regulation for perfect traction control
  • Standard filling hose and water filter
  • Visible solution hose to easily check water level and to quickly empty the solution tank

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