Nilfisk SC500

Improving your productivity and driving down your total cleaning costs, the medium sized, walk-behind Nilfisk SC500 scrubber dryer a reliable choice.

Cleaning companies will find the ease-of-use and technical features enable effective daytime cleaning and the most effective use of water and detergent. The Nilfisk SC500 can be used comfortably in hospitals, schools, offices, supermarkets, shops, sports centres, restaurants, hotels and production floors.

The Nilfisk SmartFlow™ automatically adjusts the water and detergent solution flow according to the speed of the machine, and by using this control measure, the user can guarantee a consistent cleaning result.

The cost of cleaning is also decreased by using the Nilfisk Sc500 scrubber dryer due to several features such as the Nilfisk Ecoflex™ system and Nilfisk SilenTech™ technology. The Nilfisk Ecoflex™ system offers flexible use of detergent and water-only cleaning at the push of a button, and the patented Nilfisk SilenTech™ is powered on a low sound level, allowing the user to reintroduce daytime cleaning.

Key features include:

  • Ideal for daytime cleaning: Nilfisk SilenTech™ technology keeps extreme low sound level in all conditions
  • SmartFlow™: solution flow of detergent/water automatically controlled by speed to have consistent cleaning and reduced consumptions
  • Ease-of-use: Ergonomic drive paddle and informative display with OneTouch™ button and easy click on/off for the brush/pad holder.
  • SmartKey™ system with Separate Supervisor and Operator key, Settings effectively controlled
  • Easy handling: Plastic light squeegee with patent elastic strap system
  • Sustainable: Ecoflex™ system with flexible detergent setting and water-only cleaning
  • Effective: 53cm scrubbing width and automatic brush speed control to save energy
  • User friendly: Electric motor to lower/raise brush deck with OneTouch™ button
  • Productive: 45/45 litre water tanks and up to 5 hours of running time in light applications
  • SC500 REV™ version orbital scrubbing technology quickly and efficiently attacks dirt from multiple directions leaving the floor cleaner in a single pass"

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