Nilfisk S2

The Nilfisk S2 model is the first digital and fully modular 2kW industrial vacuum. Its strength comes from its 2 bypass motors.

Equipped with a control panel and electronic board that supply real-time data about the filter and vacuum efficiency, the Nilfisk Model S2 is available with 40 litre containers, a gravity unload system (plastic bag or Longopac), in stainless steel, with absolute filter HEPA H14 (for the collection of very fine or toxic dust), with Nomex filter (ideal in case of collecting of hot substances), and with an electric filter shaker. The Nilfisk S2 has versions for all your different needs.

From the moment the user picks it up, easy cleaning is guaranteed.

Key features include:

  • Constant check of the vacuum efficiency
  • Ergonomic Longopac disposal system ("endless bag") available
  • High filtering efficiency
  • Silent
  • Modular and suitable for any industrial application

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