VHS120 All-In-One #Bakery

The Nilfisk #Bakery vacuum cleaner is as efficient as is simple.

It provides a perfectly balanced combination for your application; one specific model built according to each of the main specific segments and equipped with the best accessory kit. 

The VHS120 #Bakery is the modular machine for oven cleaning. When the job is done and you need to clean inside, the Nilfisk VHS120 #Bakery vacuum cleaner is the best ready to use cleaning solution. 

This specific configuration (Nilfisk VHS120 #Bakery model), is equipped with a NOMEX® filter which is a self-extinguishing material, and a specific accessory kit very suited to vacuum hot substances such as ovens. 

The VHS120 #Bakery Nilfisk model offers users complete hygiene, avoidance of cross contamination and promises to be a top quality vacuum cleaner during operation. 

There is a specific set of accessories designed for the Nilfisk VHS120 #Bakery vacuum cleaner for its purpose of cleaning inside ovens, consisting of: a 3 meter hose made with glass fibre, silicone, reinforced tissue, galvanised steel spiral and its metal tie; sleeves and all the fittings and reductions it requires, three 1m extensions with a sliding PTFE sleeve, and a wheeled nozzle with two silicone lips.

Key features include:

  • Single phase, n°2 by-pass motors
  • Compact dimensions
  • High container capacity
  • Equipped with specific accessories developed for  hot substances
  • Glass fibre and silicone reinforced tissue hose
  • Wheeled nozzle with two silicone lips
  • Container easy to remove and empty
  • Suitable for hot material
  • NOMEX® filter (self-extinguishing material)
  • High filter surface
  • Ergonomic manual filter shaker
  • Vacuum gauge on the motor head
  • Optimum balance among efficiency compactness and price

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