VHS120 All-In-One #Metal - Chips

The Nilfisk VHS120 #Metal - Chips vacuum cleaner is an ergonomic, easy to use modular machine that is ideal for cleaning machine tools and floors.

This particular #Metal - Chips configuration comes equipped with a grid and valve for use separating solids from liquids inside the container. It is a great machine for operations where you have to recover more than 70% of metal chips and less than 30% oil.

When operating the Nilfisk VHS120 #Metal - Chips vacuum cleaner, the solid material deposits on the grill while the liquids can be drained through the manual valve fitted to the bottom of the container. The #Metal - Chips's cyclone means the primary filter does not come in direct contact with liquids or sharp objects that may cause issues.

Key products include:

  • Single phase, n°2 by-pass motors
  • Compact dimensions
  • High container capacity
  • Equipped with specific accessories developed for  metalworking environment
  • 5 meters polyurethane hose
  • Cone and nozzle for cleaning machine tools and around them
  • Container easy to remove and empty
  • Suitable for wet material (shavings mixed with traces of oil)
  • Grid and Valve for separating oil from swarf and easily discharge.
  • Cyclone to protect the filter from damages.
  • High filter surface
  • Ergonomic manual filter shaker
  • Vacuum gauge on the motor head
  • Optimum balance among efficiency compactness and price

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