Nilfisk CTT40 IECEx

It's compact, configurable and IECEx certified... it's the Nilfisk CTT40 IECEx!

A high performing, threephase IECEx vacuum cleaner, the Nilfisk CTT40 IECEx is a new, powerful threephase explosion-proof industrial machine that is the perfect vacuum for the food and pharmaceutical industry.

With its 4kW motor, turbine and compact design, the Nilfisk CTT40 IECEx secures excellent performances and makes it an ergonomic machine that is easy to manoeuvre when in operation.

 Not only is it an ideal device built for continuous use, but it also has top quality filtration. Its star filter of 1,9 m2 grants high filter efficiency and the manual filter shaker allows the user to clean it quickly and easily. Also available is its HEPA H14 filter which allows for the collection of very fine dust.

Key features of the Nilfisk CTT40 IECEx:

  • IECEx certified
  • Ideal for continuous use (24/7)
  • Silent
  • Removable container
  • Small but steady

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