Nilfisk VHS120 All-In-One #B&C

With the Nilfisk VHS120 All-In-One #B&C, it is as efficient as it is simple, so you can focus on total safety!

The Nilfisk VHS120 All-In-One #Building&Construction vacuum cleaner is the VHS120 H Class third party certified machine, representing the state-of-art of industrial vacuum cleaner most suitable and effective for collecting hazardous materials.

It's easy to find the right combination for your application as there is one specific model built according to each main specific segments and further equipped with the best accessory kit.

The absolute HEPA14 filter, standard on this H Class variant, retains the finest dust, M-Class start filter with glued seams get the highest filtration efficiency, while the Longopac® system allows the easiest and safest discharge of the collected material, without coming into contact with the vacuumed hazardous dust.

The Nilfisk VHS120 All-In-One #B&C comes equipped with a new anti-shock accessories kit that has been specifically created for the building and construction industries, to factor for the need to dissipate any static charges caused by the passage of dust.

Included with the Nilfisk VHS120 All-In-One #B&C is a conductive hose, a conductive cone, an antistatic round brush and a specific anti-shock nozzle with silicone lips, all of which can be stored in the tool basket.

Key features of the Nilfisk VHS120 All-In-One #B&C:

  • Single phase, n°2 by-pass motors
  • H Class third party certified machines
  • Compact dimensions
  • M Class star filter with glued seams
  • Absolute filtration as a standard
  • Longopac system for easy and safe material discharge
  • Accessories tool basket
  • Equipped with a full chain of conductive or antistatic accessories
  • 5 meters flexible conductive hose
  • High filter surface
  • Ergonomic manual filter shaker
  • Vacuum gauge on the motor head
  • Optimum balance among efficiency compactness and price

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