Nilfisk CTS22 L-M-H

While the Nilfisk CTS22 L-M-H vacuum cleaner is small in size, it is mighty in performance.

As the most compact, certified and fully configurable threephase 2,2 kW I-Vac, the Nilfisk CTS range of vacuum cleaners are equipped with a side channel blower placed on the bottom of the chassis, making the vacuums stable and one of the easiest to manoeuvre.

Because of its compact size and high performance record, the Nilfisk CTS22 L-M-H vacuum cleaner is a machine frequently used by companies working in tiny environments but require high power. Its compact, stable and easy to move format makes the Nilfisk CTS22 L-M-H a highly sought out vacuum cleaner. 

The Nilfisk CTS22 L-M-H has many qualities such as its magnetothermal on/off switch, its vacuometer to monitor the filter efficiency, its compact size to clean the smallest of areas, and their ability to work continuously 24/7.

Filtration is another top quality of the Nilfisk CTS22 L-M-H; its L class star filter of 19500 cm2 grants it high filter efficiency and the manual filter shaker allows the CTS model to clean the filter quickly and easily. 

The upstream absolute filter HEPA H14 and downstream absolute filter ULPA15 that allows it to collect very fine dust are also available as options.

Key features of the Nilfisk CTS22 L-M-H:

  • For continuous use
  • Small size
  • Silent
  • Vacuometer to monitor filter efficiency
  • Removable container
  • L, M, H class to collect hazardous dust

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