Nilfisk CTS40 L-M-H

Compact, stable and easy to move, the Nilfisk CTS40 L-M-H vacuum cleaner is a popular choice.

Given its small size and impressively high performance, its no surprise that the Nilfisk CTS threephase vacuum cleaner range is frequently chosen by companies working in tiny environments that demand high power cleaning. 

The Nilfisk CTS40 L-M-H is equipped with a side channel blower placed on the bottom of the chassis for increased stability, making the hazardous vacuum cleaner easy to hold and manoeuvre. 

Some of the Nilfisk CTS40's best features include a magnetothermal on/off switch, a vacuometer to monitor the CTS40's filter efficiency, its compact size, and ability to work continuously for 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 

The Nilfisk CTS40 L-M-H also boasts an excellent filtration system; an L class star filter of 19500 cm2 grants high filter efficiency, and the manual filter shaker allows the user to clean the filter quickly and easily. 

Its upstream absolute filter HEPA H14 and downstream absolute filter ULPA15 are also available options, which allow tge machine to collect very fine or hazardous dust. See the L, M, H and ATEX (for Zone 1 and 2 Gas and 21-22 Dust) versions.

Key features of the Nilfisk CTS40 L-M-H:

  • Continuous use
  • Small size
  • Silent
  • L, M, H and ATEX versions
  • Vacuometer to monitor filter efficiency
  • Removable container

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