Nilfisk T40PLUS L-M-H

With 4,3 kw high vacuum suction power, the Nilfisk T40PLUS L-M-H flaunts high power and low consumption.

The Nilfisk T40PLUS is M and H certified for hazardous dust, ATEX certified for explosion-proof environments, and this T40Plus HE model is also equipped with an high efficiency motor for low consumption. 

Its great suction power is afforded by the powerful vacuum it creates, meaning it can collect heavy materials or wet dust and is ideal in solving any waste problem that the user may have once found unsolvable before. 

There are multiple versions available to choose from, such as; with M class or with HEPA or ULPA filters for the collection of very fine or hazardous dust, with cartridges filter, with 50 or 100 litre containers, or with a solid cut-off system. 

The Nilfisk T40PLUS L-M-H's ATEX versions are certified for zone 22-21 and 2 in compliance with the 94/9/EC and the 99/92/EC directives. The T40Plus HE model has been specially designed to be respectful of the environment, and has in fact been engineered with an high efficiency motor to offer the same excellent performances but with a low energy consumption.

Key features include:

  • L, M, H certified for operators' safety
  • ATEX certified for explosion proof environments
  • Top filtering efficiency
  • Powerful
  • Silent
  • Modular
  • "Green motor" for great performance with low energy consumption

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