Delta Booster

3 to 6 pumps for up to 6 users at one time.
Colour coded lances allow mixed use of low, medium and high pressure, detergent application.
Inlet water of up to 85°C into break tank and 70°C through pumps.
Stainless steel design with high level of accessibility and serviceability.
Machine continues to run whilst individual pumps can be removed for service.
Line pressures from 100 to 160 bar available.

3 to 6 pump stationary cold water high pressure washers for up to 6 users

3 to 6 pump stationary cold water unit for the heaviest cleaning applications in industry, food industry and shipping.

The DELTA BOOSTER is a multi-pump, multi-pressure system encompassing from 3 to 6 pumps - and allowing up to 6 people to work at any one time. Each user can choose his working pressure and flow - based on the main unit line pressure and a range of special lances. The DELTA BOOSTER thus covers low, medium and high pressure applications. The on-board PCB automatically manages the start stop of pumps according to demand and also incorporates a diagnostic system.

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