Truck Booster 7-63 D

Stainless steel robust design against corrosion.
EcoPower boiler for reduced fuel consumption costs.
SilentPower, low noise level with 1450 rpm motor pump units.
Simple control panel with only 4 buttons.
Ergo 3000 accessories for added user friendliness.
Internal frost protection down to minus 20°C.

Stationary hot water high pressure washers for permanent outside placement

Hot water stationary unit for permanent placement outside for use in fleet, haulage sectors or in slaughterhouse delivery yards.

The TRUCK BOOSTER is a simple, robust and corrosion proof hot water stationary unit designed for permanent external placement in a forecourt. This enables constant cleaning of trucks, vans, commercial and construction vehicles and equipment. Simple to use, access to internal components can be locked.

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